Problems BlinkUp Connecting

Hi there

We just spent several hours manually BlinkingUp one of our products and it generally took two or three attempts each time to get a successful connection and have our production app return a UUID.

This happens to across multiple networks.
We are using iPhones with the screen on full brightness.

The consistency is really frustrating. Sometimes it works first time, but others it generally takes several attempts.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Not sure if it’s related but I’m getting a lot which are stuck in a "Resolving server name: loop according to the LED flashes. In the IDE it just says:

2015-10-02 14:55:50 UTC+1 [Status] firmware update triggered

Can you describe your product a bit more? Which imp is being used, did you tune the blinkup circuit per the instructions on the docs pages, did you ask support to review your schematic (power cleanliness can cause issues sometimes), how is your optical path, etc?

There is no need to set the brightness, the app does that automatically.

@jdelaune that sounds more like the network the device is on does not have access to Does it?