Problem with http requests and new firmware

Hi, I’ve been using the following code to control my garage which worked up until tonight when I logged into the ide and my imps updated their firmware. Now I just get a No HTTP handler when I try going to the agent’s URL. It doesn’t seem to recognize my “receiveHTTPHandler” in the agent code maybe? Thanks in advance for any suggestions (btw, this happened on two different imps tonight).

Device firmware is not related to the agent; can you PM with more details, like the agent URL you are accessing? (don’t post publicly)

I’m seeing the exact same thing. I saw no comm between device and agent. It Just started tonight. If I click on my agents url in the IDE, I just get “No HTTP Handler”

Will PM my agent URL also.

I am also seeing the same thing as dreslism. :((

Looks like the same thing here also

Having the same problem. Will PM agent URL

All seems to be good again on my end!

Looks like about 1:30 AM eastern time it started working again for me.

Yeah, Mine are both back working again this morning…maybe something on the electric imp servers was down for awhile?

I believe this was related to a DB issue that cleared once we upgraded the DB during scheduled maintenance yesterday (though, as I’m currently in asia, “yesterday” is a very relative concept… could mean the day before!)