Problem with connecting Twilio to Imp

PLEASE DISREGARD THIS COMMENTS BELOW. I had a mistake in the phone number! I’ll leave it up since there are some good links in there.

All, I am having trouble doing what should be a pretty simple task. My agent is sending a POST to Twilio using their API to send an SMS text message. There are numerous examples I’ve emulated, including and

No matter what tweaks I make, I get this error “The From phone number [MYNUMBER] is not a valid, SMS-capable inbound phone number or short code for your account.” with error code 21606. Dorking with things I sometimes get error code 21212.

Speaking with Twilio’s people and interpreting the error codes, I get that the “from” number has not been validated.

BUT, I CAN send an SMS message directly from their web site’s “API Explorer” page (

I CAN also cut the “curl” code from the API explorer, paste it into the command line on my system and get the SMS. So clearly, the numbers are verified and their API (at least in part) is working.

Has anyone recently been talking to Twilio from an agent successfully? Any code I can see?

Any ideas? All help is appreciated!