Problem with Azure IoT Library

What has happened to the Azure IoT Library. Since 3-September I have had the following error showing up on my devices. Please advise ASAP as I have a presentation tomorrow with these devices.

2017-09-05 02:29:45 -05:00 [Agent] Device registered as 30000c2a690cc6ba
2017-09-05 02:29:45 -05:00 [Agent] ERROR: the index ‘amqp’ does not exist
2017-09-05 02:29:45 -05:00 [Agent] ERROR: in connect …zureiothub.agent.lib.nut#2.0.0:687
2017-09-05 02:29:45 -05:00 [Agent] ERROR: from connect …zureiothub.agent.lib.nut#2.0.0:1107
2017-09-05 02:29:45 -05:00 [Agent] ERROR: from createClient agent_code:134
2017-09-05 02:29:45 -05:00 [Agent] ERROR: from unknown agent_code:126
2017-09-05 02:29:45 -05:00 [Agent] ERROR: from unknown …zureiothub.agent.lib.nut#2.0.0:561
2017-09-05 02:29:45 -05:00 [Agent] ERROR: from unknown …zureiothub.agent.lib.nut#2.0.0:408

Thanks Roger. What is the version of the library I can use to stream to the IoT Hub?

You can’t. AMQP 1.0 support, including to IoT Hub, is disabled, due to stability concerns (it kept crashing the server and killing all developer, and some production, agents). This, as you can imagine, is not something we’re happy with.

Until we’ve investigated the cause of the crash, written some more system tests (particularly stress tests), and we’re confident that the code is stable, AMQP will remain disabled on the developer server.

In the interim, if you need AMQP support (i.e. for IoT Hub), contact, providing your device IDs, and we’ll discuss moving you to another server where AMQP is still available (but potentially crashy).

The earlier releases of AzureIoTHub library use HTTP instead of AMPQ to send/receive messages. You can use AzureIoTHub release v1.2.1 if you would rather use HTTP messaging.

Just to add: The AMQP 1.0 implementation is still considered in Beta stage and subject to ongoing testing, which was how this instability was uncovered. As mentioned, we are investigating and will re-enable AMQP for further Beta testing as soon as the issue is addressed.