Problem trying to blink an LED with Hannah Rev 3

I have tested my Hannah board without issue and was even able to get the temperature sensor log to a Xively graph. However, I seem to be getting stuck with blinking a simple LED with this board. I was looking at the docs over at and I saw it is for the April board, but attempted to connect to spare pin 11 on my Hannah. I changed the pin to 11 wrongly assuming it was that simple and got an error of “[Agent] the index ‘hardware’ does not exist” After looking at the forum I read a post saying that it was because of all the other hardware on that board that I do not have direct access to the pins as if it was an April?

As you might have noticed I’m a bit lost with how to get access to the pin and if someone could share some example code or a link to a guide I have missed to blink an LED with this board (not onboard RGB) I would be thankful :slight_smile: