Problem sending multiple fields of collected sensor data to mysql file on web

I have 3 sensors connect to an imp. I collect 2 analog values and one i2c value and want to send each to a field in a db. It would be great to also send an id for the imp and a timestamp of the collection time. I have tried combining them in an array unsuccessfully or perhaps have not been able to separate them in the php code on the db server. Is there any example that I haven’t found and tried or can someone send a generic suggestion?

The easiest way to do this would be to create a table, and then use the http.jsonencode() or http.urlencode() functionality.

Something like this:
`local data = {
sensor1 = sensor1Value,
sensor2 = sensor2Value,
sensor3 = sensor3Value,
i2c = i2cValue,
collectionTime = time(),
impeeId = device.getimpeeid()

local encodedData = http.jsonencode(data);`

I think I need permission to use the electric imp API while it is in beta

who’s permission?
You are allready a beta member