Previous version/build of code?

I clicked Run, then I refreshed my browser. Lost all my work. How do I go back to a previous version or build? Can you help me? It’s Sndblob build 70 but it’s hours old.

I’ll see what we can do - however, if you click refresh or back/forward but then DO NOT save the old version you see, you won’t have lost the later version of the code. Shift-click reload (or load the IDE in another window) and the later one will appear.

The dangerous bit is if you see the old version on the screen then click run or check, which uploads the browser’s version to the server.

@Hugo: are you actually keeping the older builds on the server, or are they discarded and you’re just keeping the build number?

Please help, I’d like to move forward without writing it again. If you look thru the versions you will see the largest one. The most recent large one is the one I want?

Thanks for the hint! I didn’t know “Check” is a way to save it. Will not do that when I see the old version. Still not sure how it got there…

I have to finish this today! You said you might be able to help?
Can I look in my browser cache?

@marcboon yes, old versions are kept. When the UI has been finished you’ll be able to revert back to any version.

@sbright33 sorry I was in meetings most of today and didn’t get to this. PM me with the impee ID (it’s in the IDE URL when in the code editor)?

I couldn’t wait, had to write it again from scratch. Looking forward to that feature!

hi Hugo,

i really needs your help to get back earlier version of my impee id (231c874cead3dbee).

i didnt intentionally overwrite my code.
the only thing i can remember is i am using the touch screen device (Ms Surface pro) and keeps on switching the impee in IDE and suddenly both impee having the same code…

thanks in advance