Powered by a Li-Po battery


I have a very simple circuit with a switch in a mailbox. When I receive mail, I get an e-mail via the HTTP request. The circuit is powered by a Li-Po battery (rechargeable). In order to operate as efficiently as possible, I use imp.setpowersave (true). Every day I measure the voltage. Despite the battery is full, I see in the logfile …

02.27.2013 04:51:53: Power state: online => offline
02.27.2013 09:31:30: Power state: offline => online

The time is in the morning, Central European Time - Berlin.

Had the imp in that time does not work? Was the server down?

So, I suspect this is the bug in the current version whereby if there is no squirrel activity at all, it drops offline.

If you add this code:

function watchdog() {
imp.wakeup(30*60, watchdog); // wake every 30 mins

…then you should find it stays online just fine.

This is fixed in the next release.

This is a know issue (rel14, & presumably should be fixed with rel 15). We have seen many forum queries on the same problem; To save time , repeats and clutter in the forum, I propose to add a new announcement entitled " Plse read & try this first" or something to that effect, detailing know issues with corresponding fixes with each release level. This should save you guys some time answering the same queries over and over again.