Power Save Mode, available?


Does the imp feature Power Save Mode? And by that I specifically mean something like this: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/developers/Documentation/ieee80211/power-savings

If it does not, how is power savings otherwise accomplished. 

Yes, we have this but it’s not accessible from the current API. You will be able to enable the mode and specify how many beacons you want to wake for (eg, wake every beacon, every other beacon, every third beacon, etc - the higher the number the more power you save but the longer the possible latency to receive a packet when in powersave mode). This will be added to the API as the other power saving features are enabled, in the coming months.

You can already enter very low power (6uA) mode by going totally to sleep. This is the best way to save power if you are sampling a sensor and do not need to receive traffic from the internet asynchronously.