Power meter sensor

I am looking for a sensor to put on my power meter.

I found these from NorthQ, but it looks like they are only sold with their power monitor system.

Anyone else who have seen something like this? And ofc they need to be usable with an Imp too. :wink:

It’s not the complete module but something like this:




I already know about the sensors them self, but I would like something like a complete thing, that does not look like it is home made. :slight_smile:

Sensors and a 3D printer? At least it’s a good excuse to buy the printer.

I already got 2 different 3D printers, but that still isn’t no where near to injection molding finish.

Power meters can be quite different. It would be helpful to know which one you have. The ones we have here use a red LED that flashes every 1kwh consumption. I believe that its a negative logic as well (if the LED is on solid there is power in the service, and the consumption is zero). At first blush this would seem pretty easy to interface with.

By the way, I have used lego bricks for prototyping. Ha Ha.

Hi MikeyDK
I make totally the same - i am logging the energy used from my ENERMET420 (Dong Energy) - What are you using for storage? I am trying to get the http://emoncms.org o work - but haven’t succeeded yet. Could you share you code if you have any?
I am thinking of using a modified LEGO brick as Hyperone for building a cheap sensor.
I also have a makerbot 3D printer, but haven’t made any design.
Kan du ikke sende en PM med din kontakt info ?

@Dkcsn send you a message.

Looks like I need to design my own sensor enclosure. Haven’t been able to find any, besides the one from NorthQ, and nobody sells just the sensor.