Power consumption


I would like to know the power consumption of wifi imp
The power is it the same as a mobile phone or a laptop?

The power adjusts it if the electric imp is far from the point of access wifi?

That they are the harmful impacts?


Are you asking about radio emissions, or power consumption?

WiFi does not adjust TX power based on distance from the access point in general (on any device). However, the closer you are to the access point the higher the bitrate is, and generally high bitrate encodings have a lower transmit power as they have higher quality demands from the PA.

The imp, on average, is pretty much never transmitting (like: an idle imp at the slowest bitrate, connected to the server, is transmitting for under 4ms every 60 seconds, or 0.007% of the time).

Even an imp sending messages every second at minimum 1Mbps bitrate is transmitting well under 1% of the time, and typically (near a router) it will be much less than 0.05%.

If you’re planning a body-worn device, then you should do SAR testing, which checks absorption of RF energy by the body. The imp001 has had SAR testing performed on it, see https://fccid.io/document.php?id=1745977 (etc) and even when transmitting at the maximum duty cycle of ~77% - which can’t be reached without special OS software - the absorption with the imp 1.1cm from the body is within legal limits.