Posting data to a google spreadsheet

Hi All,

Has anyone worked out how to send data to a google spreadsheet. I was wondering if it would be possible to use one of their guages to display the real time data from, say, a thermocouple?

I have a vague memory of a google doc interface from a long time ago but I have not tried anything like that.

As a different means to the end - what about building a web page with Highcharts. Would something like that satisfy your same goal? The agent can serve a web page so you may be able to make a web page with a gauge on it. no google involved at all.

Others may suggest Xively. this will allow you to save the datastream and may have some charting ability.

Zapier has hooks to google docs. I’ve done Agent-Xively-Zapier-something else and its pretty easy, though you could go Agent-Zapier-Google without too much work.

Google spreadsheet has a script writing function. Would it be possible to fetch data from the imp using that?
I stumbled arround a bit and found this :-

Can this type of thing be used? Or is this a shed load of work for not much gain?

That poster appears to be using google apps to pull data to a spreadsheet in google docs. That will work fine. You just need to write a little API in your agent so that when the Google app requests something, your agent API responds with the appropriate data.