Positioning of Imp Module/Card to maximise Wifi Reception

Is there a recommended plane to orient the imp module/card in? I’m looking at a project where wifi reception could be iffy at times and wondered if the orientation of the imp will have a bearing on RSSI. I’m assuming that access points have vertically-aligned omnidirectional antennae.

I haven’t seen any but if your imp is inside this guide will help.

BTW I use enocean wireless sensors and imp and in theory enocean should be better but the imp has a fantastic and much under appreciated RF range.

It may still be a little under-appreciated, but we did have a fair go at appreciating it here: http://blog.electricimp.com/post/56247500373/going-to-great-lengths-with-the-imp-and-wifi


I have gone much further than 1/2 mile using a Yagi and high power AP. My results agree with yours using a normal antenna. Amazing hardware!