Pin state during deep sleep

Perhaps I’ve missed this, but what is the state of the device pins during deep sleep? I understand that WiFi is off, the processor is suspended, etc. … but I’m not certain about pin state, (though I do believe that they are re-configured during the post-sleep warm boot). I’m thinking for example I’d like to set an output pin high, then have it retain that level during deep sleep. This however does not appear to be the case based on some quick measurements I made. So, I was wondering what happens, or if perhaps the pins (except maybe pin 1) just go high-impedance during the sleep interval. Thanks.

The pins all go high impedance. The exception is that if pin 1 is configured for wakeup, this pin has a pull-down on it.

Pins are only ever configured by the user, so stay tristated after a cold or warm boot until squirrel sets them up.

If you need IOs to persist when in sleep, then you really need to use an IO expander or external latch.

Thanks Hugo. Yea, I kinda figured that was likely the case, but thought I’d confirm. I’d already been pondering the possibility of needing a latch to hold the output state, so thanks also for the comment that this is a good path to follow.