Pin 7 fried?

Hey everyone,

I got the ws2812 led strip running great yesterday but they don’t seem to work today and I’ve been trying to rule out the possibilities of what went wrong. Any help would be great.

  • The Hello World model with the internet controlled led works but that’s on pin 9
    -The imp is not throwing any errors my way.
    -The led strip blinks when power is applied but that’s.

My question is that could pin 7 be fried and would the imp know on an april board?
[This was the thread I used to get it running]

Try putting the LED on pin 7 and altering the code to use that - that will tell you whether the pin is ok.

The WS2812 stuff, as I remember, requires release 27 to drive properly, and technically it’s also not 3.3v logic-level compatible so would need a level shifter to drive.

I’m like a kid at holidays waiting for the next firmware release… :slight_smile:

@hugo Thanks I tried doing that and pin7 works fine so it must be something to do with RGB strip. It’s strange because it was working perfectly fine yesterday and it won’t light up today, maybe I shorted out the led strip somehow.

@jwehr Ha yes definitely! I’ve been following the ws2812/neopixel threads for a few weeks and it seems that the code written by bearded inventor should drive the ws2812 with release 26.

oh the plans I have for imps and neopixels…

How do you check what release an Imp has and if it is not the one you need how do you force an update?

You use imp.getsoftwarerevision

You can’t force it, but you should be on the latest revision

@back_ache - your imp automatically checks for updates every time it connects and updates itself whenever one is possible.

We do staggered rollouts of new releases to ensure proper functionality on a larger scale than we can test internally… so during those staggered rollouts are the only times where imps might be running different OS versions.