Performance difference between IMP001 and IMP002

Doing some repeated performance testing on some Squirrel code, I’ve noticed that the IMP002 executes about 7% faster than the IMP001. I had imagined that they were ostensibly the same. I haven’t been able to pinpoint whether the difference is related to one particular aspect, or general performance.

The imp001 and imp002 use the same firmware binary and the same CPU, so there shouldn’t really be a difference. (The imp003 is a little bit faster, though.) Are both running at 3.3V? At the lower supported voltages, the CPU needs more wait states to talk to the flash and everything slows down a bit.


That could certainly be the reason. I was thinking that voltage or temperature could be playing a role. I’m trying to make sense of the results. I’ll post something further on it, once I can establish some consistent behaviour.