PCB design to serial connection between imp card and atmega8A

Hi everybody
I’m new working with electric imp. This device is amazing!
I wanna connect my imp card to an atmega8A and I need to know about the PCB design.
What I need to put around atmega8A and around the imp card to avoid malfuction.
Please, if someone has a similar project I’ll be grateful

There are lots of reference PCB designs in the hardware reference design section, see:


…basically, don’t put stuff near the antenna. That’s the gold strip on the imp002 and the back of the imp card, right by the LED.

Orlando, have you checked out the Imp module? I don’t know what your end product is, but you might be able to do what you want without adding another microcontroller. We have some handy breakouts for prototyping with the module if you are going to design a PCB.