Outbound URL of Imp device (Firewall restrictions)

Dear master,

I am testing the Imp product in my company.
But after blinking, the device is not connected to the Internet.
My company’s network is using a firewall.
So I added 31314, 993, 443, and 80 port but it is not enough.
I also need to add the destination URL of Imp.
Can you tell me about that?

If your company can look at outbound DNS and use this to open ports in the firewall, then *.electricimp.com will work - however, most firewalls require specific IP addresses, which we cannot provide because there are many servers and their addresses change at every deploy.

Other alternatives:

  • imp supports HTTP CONNECT proxies. Does your company offer this? Blinkup can send proxy credentials to use these.
  • we have proxies for commercial customers that allow connections to be whitelisted to a small number of IP addresses. This is not ideal for resilience, but better than nothing in situations with extreme restrictions. Email sales@electricimp.com if you need this for testing in your organization.

OK, I’ll try to that. Thanks.