Ops Console

I’m new to Imp and I would like to know how to get to the ops console

The Ops Console is only available to our commercial customers, @Johnygab. If you think you’ll need a commercial relationship for your product, drop a line to sales@electricimp.com

Interestingly, when I promote an old build to current I also see a “promote to ops console” option, though I am only using developer IDE. It doesn’t seem to do anything, but from your explanation I am now not sure it should be there.

@DrJack - you are correct that it shouldn’t be there… you are seeing a minor bug that was introduced in our latest IDE build. It should be fixed and go away shortly.

@DrJack we just pushed a release that should fix the bug, let us know if you still see the “promote to ops” button in your IDE, thanks

Thanks Smittytone, i’ll need to have a look at that, its not for big quantity but i need to know more, i’ll ask by email

@mayumi Thanks that has gone now, no more “promote to ops”

@ Smittytone I did contacted the email you told me, but the sale representative who reply to me dont seems to understand what I need.

I would like to sale a couple hundreds devices use Imp001 on it, but I dont want to give source code to my customer, I only want them to have to give my board the Wifi information,and then, it should work without having to copy paste the code.

What should i do?

That’s commercial use, so you need to sign a service contract, pay for the imps and pay for service for them. That means the end users don’t need an electric imp account and can’t see the sourcecode.

Pretty sure they would have sent you that info (I’m on the sales email too)… did you not get that detail?

No, he gave me this link : http://www.electricimp.com/docs/manufacturing/ and asked me for quantity,…ect but as i have no Idea the cost, i’m stuck, i need to know money wise how to go commercial with Imp.

please contact me at jeangabrielm@icloud.com if you can help me to go foward


You should reply to sales with a rough estimate of quantity so they can send you the correct price sheet.