Oops - I blew up April

Well, I let the magic smoke out. Last night I accidentally hooked up VIN & GND backwards with a 9v and it went poof!

Silly question, but, I just wanted to make sure should have been expected.

Unfortunately, the only reverse battery protection on the April is available at the P+,P- pins. Applying reverse power to VIN will let the smoke out. :frowning:

Okay, that’s what I figured. I guess that’s what a software guy gets when he’s sleep deprived and not paying attention.

On that note - looks like I gotta by me a couple of Aprils.

Edit: it isn’t a problem to sell impees, is it? I have a Hannah I’d like to get rid of - I forget if they’re tied to any account or anything.

Nope. Thats what we do at MakeDeck. :slight_smile: When another user BlinksUp the Imp in the Hannah to their account it should move from yours to theirs.

Cool - thanks!