Online>offiline timeout - will not reconnect

Hi All

I am having a problem with connection of the imp to my home router. I have successfully commissioned the imp and will connect once to my home router. However eventually it will time out online>offline and even after power cycle of the imp and router will not connect to again to the home router. ie off-red-yellow

I have setup a hotspot using my phone and used this to connect the imp to it successfully. However have not tested it for long periods. If i then re-blink it up with my home router I can connect again for one time only.

The router is a billion 7404VNOX (Channel 1) Australia Hosting 802.11 G + N WPA2(AES). I used the same setup for my phone hotspot.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I see some bug reports in the forums about the device resetting due to wireless issues however this is slightly different.

Your help would be much appreciated


It’s possible this router is one of the ones we’ve seen that does very illegal things with NAT. We can work around this highly dubious behavior server-side, but have not implemented it yet.

We can confirm this is happening with wireshark; have you ever run this before?

Hi Hugo.

I have used wireshark before. What should I be looking for? Also I am a little confused how to prove this using a Pc which is not directly intercepting packets from the imp-router session



Actually, if it’s the same issue that we’ve seen before, we need to look at our end as the issue won’t be visible between the router and the imp - the router is doing nasty things with the packets from the router to the ISP.

What timezone are you in? We could attempt to catch this if we were on the phone to you and logged into our server at the same time.

+8h (WA). Preferred communication method? I can do Skype, teamviewer, viber.

Please also note that I added watchdog code(as per forums) and have had some success. Might be worth monitoring it for a few days first before opening a support session.