Online IDE not responding

I have been working with the Imp for the past couple of weeks, and, usually, the online IDE has worked. However, lately, it has gotten “flakier.” I was adding new code, and debugging it, today when it stopped running properly. It would get to the imp.configure() call and tell me that this command is depricated. I decided to finally comment out the line, but it persists in telling me that
2014-03-11 15:57:43 UTC-4: [Device] imp.configure command is deprecated
Good to know, but I removed it.

So, I thought, “maybe my browser (Chrome Version 33.0.1750.146 running on Fedora 20) is giving me trouble.” I restarted the browser, logged back into, no difference.

Well, maybe the server is down. I know, I logged into my twitter account (it’s been over a year since I accessed it) and signed up to follow @impstatus and found nothing for today (also signed up for @electricimp - why not).

What does a guy have to do to modify some code?

It sound like your new code never actually downloaded to the Imp. Most often, flaky behavior is from bad or unyielding code. Power cycle your Imp to make sure it downloads your updated code.

I figured out what the problem was, and I’m embarrassed to admit that it was in my code. Still, what I got out did not make sense. I had a line in the code that read:
if (index++ = 0)
when it should have been:
if (index++ == 0)

The code would run with either line, but (and this is despite the fact that the “imp.configure()” call has been removed from the file), when the first line is there I get the informational message “imp.configure command is deprecated.” I have seen some pretty obscure run time errors, but that one might just take the cake. You can see why I thought it wasn’t getting any changes. Even after things have downloaded and worked, if I change the “==” to “=”, I get the same message.

Anyway, I’m making progress again. Thanks for listening.