Olive RFID Board

I just read your blog post about your low power rfid reading olive board, I’d be very interested in getting one of those.


I’m trying to implement a RFID entry logging system for our hackspace, and this looks like the perfect way to achieve that.

How does one go about getting their hands on one of these?

Wow, I wasted my money buying the Adafruit NFC/RFID board. The blog says soon to be available… Can you tell us by whom? Is code available? I think this is my favorite impee to date. Congrats Siddartho! Awesome project!

“Soon to be available” means the reference design will be out there, ie you can download schematics, gerbers and code. I’m not aware of anyone actually making this commercially as yet.

Good enough… I’m going to look into getting some made when you get the design out.

I’ve been looking at the equipment you mentioned for SMT. I like the idea of using a stencil, though you mentioned that you don’t use one. Any reason why? Do you just use the preheater and a reflow gun?

I’m toying with the idea of getting a few of the dev boards made, assembling and testing them myself and then selling the extras to anyone who is interested.

I’m interested if you are going to be making some!

Just noticed the device code on GitHub… any word on the reference design?

i can buy maybe 4 of the olive board to use in my company.

When will it be available?

There was some discussion about it at the Hangout yesterday. The board is very complex and needs more work around operating code. Should be a really great board when it is available.

Do you know if it will be available before christmas?

Any news one month later?
and about price, will it be around the imp price?

I haven’t heard anything, but the board will just be a reference design. Unless someone decides to print and sell it, it won’t available. It isn’t hard to get them printed yourself though.