Odd BlinkUp Code

My MakeDeck P3V3 arrived in the post this morning, so naturally I tried to Blink it up. I use my own app, which I have successfully BlinkUp’d several imp001 cards, and I did so with my home 2.4GHz WLAN (channel 6, so compatible with US and European imps). But no joy.

The best I got was this BlinkUp code: orange-green orange-green orange-green. I’ve not seen this before.

I tried the Electric Imp instead, with the same result until I wiped the WiFi config first (I had wiped the config successfully several times before with my own app).

Questions: what does that code mean, and any ideas as so what the issue here has been?

Naturally, if it’s an issue with my app (most likely) I want to work out how to fix it.

I’m going to log a support case about that so we can sort it out. All of the P3V3’s that we ship are BlinkedUp for testing and to update the firmware. It sounds like something didn’t completely clear after the update.

Would you be willing to share your iOS code so I could test it here? If so, send me an email at support@makedeck.com with your github user account and I’ll make a private repo to put it in.

Hopefully there is something in the logs that can shed light on this. Could you send me the device ID so I can add it to the support case?

That’s not a code - it’s orange (part of an orange-red from connecting), followed by green (connected), then the server is unhappy with it and disconnects it, then the cycle starts again. The timing is likely to be “lumpy” because this in indication of real world state.

I suspect this means that your app is not providing a valid token for the imp to enrol with: if you email the mac address I can verify that is indeed the case.

Strange that it required a clear config though.