OAuth support - What’s Still Coming?

Any indication of when OAuth will be supported in agents?

Thanks as always

We are currently investigating supporting OAuth and have not finalized our timelines.

Peter thanks for this! OAuth2 with Google Calendar.

Aha yes, that page should be enough to get you at least playing with OAuth2 and agents. As the page itself notes, though, it isn’t quite right yet for people intending to make releasable products (you’d need to type in each end-user’s agent URL, and it’d soon get out of hand) – so that side of things should still be viewed, as Mayumi says, as not finalized yet, including in the scheduling department.


Peter noted was planning to hold config in our user management system and post to the Agent & to persist a whole load of config eagerly awaiting server.save/load.

Have good wet/snowy weekend!


p.s. server-side OAuth2 library for Erlang: https://github.com/kivra/oauth2