Not connecting to wifi

I’ve send the wifi SSID and code in the Iphone and blinked it to the imp. it validates the reception and then blink red before stopping. I tried different names of wifi and other networks but it do not get on.
(PS done powered but battery because the brand new april board I just bought don’t seem to be able to work with usb power no power in the usb hole but there is on the pin of the usb plug)

If you got the sparkfun april board then you need to add your own jumper to make USB work - see the bold section here:

When you say the blinkup works - are you seeing the green flash at the end? Is the wifi network you’re trying to get onto on channel 1-11? (developer imps are USA only, hence do not support channels 12/13 which are used in Europe and the rest of the world).

Hi Hugo.
Thanks for the channel advice, it was the problem. As for the usb plug I fear it is a factory cutted line between the usb plug and the jump since there is no voltage on the jumper hole. I have already 1 impee that had no problem with the jumper, this one does. It isn’t to much of a problem since I was going to use this imp on battery.
Thank you again