Not blinking up properly


We had a unit that blinked up once and now we cant’ get it to blink up again.
Mac Address: 0c2a6908b8a7



We were able to blink up the device properly. However, we currently have the imp connected to an unsecured router that is plugged into a repeater. If the unsecured router becomes secured, then the imp can no longer connect (we also tried re-blinkup with the new secured WiFi settings)??? Any ideas of what is going on?

Try the blinkup in a dark room. I’ve got an imp that will only blink up when somewhere quite dark.

If you’re getting a green flash/long solid green (release 32+) at the end of blinkup, blinkup is working fine.

Can you detail the network set up a bit more? What type of repeater, what type of router, what is the imp flashing when it fails to connect, etc?