Normal power consumption?

What should I expect as normal power consumption when the imp is waking after deep sleep? I’m trying to figure out how long my design would on a 9V 1200 mAh battery if it wakes up every 10 minutes and run a routine that takes 0.5s. I read that the imp requires 400 mA in worst case, like when updating firmware, but what’s the “normal” case?

If you’re waking for a short time, you won’t be in wifi powersave mode so use a value of ~90mA @ 3.3v for your time awake. With powersave on this drops down to 5-7mA right now (will be lower when more optimizations are in) but that’s for when you’re awake longer.

There’s a bug in the current release whereby it takes 2 seconds longer than it should to connect to wifi, which will definitely not be helping your battery life right now. When that’s fixed you’ll be doing a lot better - we see about 1.1 seconds from off to connected to the server (this will vary based on latency to our servers though, as they’re currently just west coast USA).

Thanks for the info, then it’s already better than I thought. :slight_smile: