Nora V2 Design Files Now Available

The Nora reference design files have been posted to the Devwiki.

(this is the thing with accelerometer and various environmental sensors that runs from 2xAA cells - there are also graphs of sleep/wake tests on the page)

Appreciate the comments and I2C addresses on the schematic.

Will someone build and sell this for us?

That’s up to other people… nobody has volunteered yet!

Just curious if the files would be available in something other than the Altium format.

I am new to PCB design and was trying to base something off the nora but I do not have Altium.

I’ve been using Protel/Altium commercially since the early 1990’s, and highly recommend it.

You can download a free viewer from the Altium web site. It allows you to view and print schematics, PCBs, BOMs, CAM, reports etc and does not require a license. You can’t edit or save anything though.

I tried the Altium viewer but, they make you sign up for an account and then I was never given a confirmation email.

Seems like they wanted a sales person to contact me or something.

I was hoping to make edits, but not drop 5000 on software.