Non volatile storage without wifi

I understand that with release 27 the ‘old’ impee device code is recovered and started 10 seconds after a cold boot when wifi is not available.

Is there a mechanism to make data/values persistent after a cold boot without wifi? What about the clock?
My concept will require multiple configuration settings. I was hoping to do this without external storage and clock.

We also needed local storage too and had to resort to an extra IC.

The RTC will only run with power, so a cold boot means no RTC. As coverdriven says, currently the only option with imp001/002 is to use a separate IC for storage.

On imp003, you get 64kB of local flash (well, you put down a 512kB minimum size SPI flash and everything above 448kB is yours - bigger flash = more local storage). You also get the RTC/NVRAM supply pin broken out, so you can put a coin cell on this line and keep the NV table and RTC running even when the main supply goes out.

Cost versus complexity, it would seem that imp003 is a good alternative.

Thanks coverdriven and Hugo