No user name option?

I’m trying to connect to a network that requires a user name and a password. The Elctric Imp app doesn’t give me the option to put in a user name, only a password. I can’t get the blink up to work, could this be why?

I’m using an iPhone 5s, with iOS 7.1 running. The Imp is connected to power via USB to my iMac. After blink up, it blinks red then orange, then nothing. and repeats.

Yes this is why.

Unfortunately the imp does not currently support WPA2 Enterprise (networks that require an additional username/password) or captive networks (networks that require an extra action in the browser to get online).

ok, thanks. seems to be working with my portable hotspot though. awesome.

Just a quick question though… Its solid green, which I guess means it’s installing an update. It’s been this way for a few minutes. Is this normal? Should I disconnect and retry?

Updates should only take a few seconds. I would probably power cycle.

It it’s solid green for a long time (a minute +) I would try power cycling.

It will need to go through the same update process (download, check and install) when it reboots. The imp is designed so that if something fails during an update (or it loses power, etc) it can gracefully recover on the next power up.

OK, so after the long green blink, I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Now I’m getting this blink pattern with no reference in the troubleshooting guide. (green, green, orange)

Sounds like it’s having a problem, either with code you loaded on there, or possibly even a bad breakout board (not being able to read the ID). If you tell me the mac address I can find out which of those is happening.


it’s one of these two.

I also just tried switching power supplies from laptop/ usb to battery. same thing.

Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that I’m trying to connect to a virgin mobile wifi hotspot. it’s this device :

Looks to me like you have an error in your code and the imp is crashing and reconnecting. Can you post it?

I’m seeing this: ERROR: the index ‘out_pot’ does not exist

Oh, I uploaded that code a long time ago. I thought using the clear wireless configuration cleared whatever code was on the imp? I don’t have an imp showing up in my IDE. But here’s the pot code:

//Use this to read pressure sensor
// April with potentiometer

// Configure hardware

// pin 8 is an analog input (we read the voltage on the pin with an ADC)
// analog inputs read a value between 0 (for 0 V) and 65,535 (16-bit ADC) for the imp’s supply voltage, which should be 3.3V

// you can read the imp’s input voltage at any time with:
local voltage = hardware.voltage();
server.log(format(“Running at %.2f V”, voltage));

// We use this variable to create a “dead band” around the current value on the potentiometer
// this can be used to decrease the rate at which we push data to planner by discarding values that
// are the same as the last one
local lastRawValue = 0;

server.log(“Hardware Configured”);

function checkPot() {
local rawValue =;
if (math.abs(rawValue - lastRawValue) > 150) {
local potValue = rawValue / 65535.0;
lastRawValue = rawValue;
// note that we divide by 65535.0 to get a value between 0.0 and 1.0;

imp.wakeup(0.01, checkPot);


server.log(“Potentiometer Started”);
imp.configure(“Potentiometer”, [], []);


I found it! The IDE was updated, and I was looking in the wrong place. I can find the code error. Thank you!