No blocking or delay for agent and imp sleep

Hi everyone, I was wondering, how would you suggest I go about writing a piece of an agent thats time base?
Basically, I have the weather tutorial used for the electric imp with agents which is amazing, and I was hoping to get this information sms to me with the twilio tutorial which I’ve tested out as well.
The thing is I want the weather data to test for weather at a time I set for the imp sleep (about 15 minutes), but I was hoping to get the sms to message me say every 24 hours, or every 7am or something similar?
Would it be possible to use some sort of time() function to find time, and send the sms using say an if statement if its at a particular time, and if the Imp is asleep during this period would it send me the message straight after that point even if it passed the time function?

Okay my apologies about this, turns out I just needed a bit more thinking and googling to find the answer I needed :D. I pretty much run an agent every 10 minutes, so in the agent I test between two different times that are around 10 minutes a part and got it to work great.