Nice job electric IMP guys

Typically when I play with something new I take the time and pour through the documentation. This is the first time playing with something new that I just cannot afford to do that, so I am flying by the seat of my pant to learn as mich as I can while yet doing what I need to do. I have a huge company meeting in 3 weeks and I thought the IMP001 would show them best what I am proposing. Unfortunately what I am doing is off the clock so time is even more scarce to be ready in 3 weeks.

The more and more I pour through things, the more I am really thinking this is a very cool device (imp001).
So I thought I would just say to the IMP team, you did a nice job here, and keep up the great work!

Glad you’re enjoying the ride… a lot of amazing work by the imp team (and a lot of helpful suggestions, bug reporting, and commitment from the community at large) has gone into the imp platform and we’re really, really proud of what it enables :slight_smile:

I thought I’d pile on - I also had a great experience! Loved how the “tails” are super easy to attach and the website has nice explanations to go with them!