New Version of Android App - Available Now!

Hey Friends! We’re super happy to announce that we have new version of the Android app available.

Along with some improved UX/UI, we’ve also changed how blinkup works to make it more reliable on Android devices. The changes to blinkup require your device to be on Release 18 (or higher - 25.2 is the current version for all imps) - so if you’re blinking up an imp for the first time (or an imp that hasn’t been online in a while) you might need to use the “legacy mode” the first time.

Here’s a blog post about it:
And here’s a link the app itself:

As always, let us know if you have any questions or problems!

Well, I noticed that I had got an update.
All my settings were lost (except the current)… :((

My first post :slight_smile:

To let you know that with the new version my HTC Legend now is able to blink.
The previous version didn’t got passed the logon screen.