New IMP003 already blinking off-amber-red?

I connected two IMP003s to power for the first time and it already blinks (off-amber-red) like it’s resolving the server before I do blinkup. When I do blink up the LEDs turn off and at the end of the blink up I see one short green flash (that I normally see when blink up is successful), but then it returns to red-amber-red again. Any idea? I would like to bring these boards to life. I was connecting a the “hot” power supply connector so the intermittent power supply may have caused the uninitialized FLASH to screw things up?

Interesting; was the flash definitely blank/new?

Yes, do you have an idea?

I am afraid that the intermittent power supply screwed the initializing process up somehow.

It’s possible, I guess (though the way the algorithm works it should be fail-safe).

Is changing the flash out and retrying a possibility? I have pulled power from many 003’s during first boot because the LEDs are off during SPI sizing/initialization. Both of them behaving the same way is a bit strange though.

I think clearing and programming the wifi settings works because I saw a green flash at the end of the blinking up process. So the ST Cortex M4 processor is alive. This is a video of the blink up code. Someone programmed this pattern. What does it mean? I will check power supply to FLASH.

The video makes this a lot clearer - thanks.

Long orange, short red, off and cycle is “SPI flash not found”.
Long red, short orange, off and cycle is “SPI flash error”.

We do need to update the docs for these codes, which apply only to imp003.

Resoldering the FLASH helped.