New IMP stuck in 3 slow green, 12 fast red over and over

Hi, I can’t get my imp to connect or show up in IDE.
I have power cycled IMP many times. (remove IMP 5+ seconds);
I’ve cleared wireless config. several times. & reblinked (same 3slow Green/ 12fast Red)
No new devices showing at IDE electric IMP.
Power is over 9v.

Please help :slight_smile:

It’s exact same behavior as here:

same as these too, but I don’t see a solution:

Log out of your blinkup app, log in again, and reblink.

cleared wireless config.
Pulled out IMP
logged out; logged back in
reblinked & same lights slow green & fast red

Sounds like you have a runtime error in your code then. What code is associated with the impee you have it plugged into? Have you used the impee before? (if the impee’s ATSHA is not working, this will also happen).

Brand new IMP & sparkfun red holder.
Was trying to see IMP at IDE to load first code

Just checked the logs. Yes, whatever you are plugging your imp into doesn’t have a working ATSHA204 ID chip. Is this a board you built yourself or…?

Sounds like the sparkfun breakout is faulty I’m afraid.

Also, I sent pm with mac in case that helps

OK, thanks Hugo

I guess check a couple of things:

  • the soldering on the ATSHA
  • the soldering on the pull-up resistor for the ATSHA

These parts are immediately to the right of the “pin7/pin8” labels on the silkscreen of the Sparkfun board.