New ide

How do I assign an existing model to an other device?

The new IDE stil is very confusing…

Give your programmer a good cup of Port Wine to stimulate creativity.
(2 cups and you are in trouble…)

ok, but at the moment I can’t do anything…

@DolfTraanverg - same as before:

Find the device in the left side menu, click on the gear icon to open Device Settings, then select the model from the drop down menu.

thanks, I love those tiny gray arrows on a grey background… :frowning:

Ok, where’s the log window gone from the new IDE. Otherwise I Iike it but the most useful thing seems to have disappeared?

agh found it - you have to click the device name not the model name. Confusing.

The model can refer to multiple devices, hence it can’t show a log because it may not know which one you’re referring to.

Really, if there’s only one device of that model, it should auto-select that. I’ll file a request…