New IDE Feature: Device Search!

We just rolled out a new IDE feature to make it easier than ever to find your devices in the IDE (if you loose them in the physical world… well that’s an issue for you and your memory to sort out).

There’s a search box at the top of your device list that you can use to search for a device (by it’s name). In the example below I searched for April (I call lots of my April devices April-something-or-other:

Let us know what you think! If you have any feedback about the new feature, post it below!

50 shades of grey continues…
What about a Model organizer?

It could be worse :wink:

… or a code-editor menubar…

I actually need some kind of physical marker for a few of the card imps that I frequently move around while prototyping. This is very useful.

@DolfTraanberg - want to expand on what a model organizer might look like?

I now have 158 models (mostly just examples), from wich I have to look every time into the code, just to see what they are supposed to do. To delete or rename is just too complicated and time consuming, so the list keeps growing. So a kind of (off-line) organizer to rename, delete or catagorize them, or add comments to, would be a life saver

Edit… Moving this post.