New Documentation!

We’ve some new docs for Squirrel and imp developers, be they newcomers or old hands.

We’ve brought back the Troubleshooting section in the Dev Centre. It’s now the ideal place to start – apart from this forum, of course – for solving problems. For developers, this set of solutions for common problems is the one to try.

Even if you’re not having difficulties, the sections contains a wealth of imp info.

We’ve also added the first half-dozen recipes for our new imp API Code Cookbook to the Dev Center’s Example Code section. These are clear discussions of how specific tasks can be achieved using the imp API and include code ready for you to paste into your own models and tweak to your needs. We’ll be adding more recipes in the coming months, but please let us know if there are specific recipes you’d like us to include.

If you’re looking for a ten-step guide to getting a new imp online - perhaps to pass on to a colleague or family member who has begun imp development, or as a refresher - we now have a Quick Start Guide to get you up and running fast and without any of that explanatory stuff to get in the way. If you want more guidance, don’t forget that we still have out Getting Started Guide, recently revamped.

Finally, for all you experienced imp coders out there, we have expanded our Developer Guide ‘Writing Efficient Squirrel’ in answer to those of you who have been asking for more guidance on making extensive imp programs run more smoothly and fit better into the imp’s memory.