NEW Community Portal

Hello friends!

We are very excited to launch our new Community Portal today (actually we’re “launching” it next week, but there’s some content that’s live… so go forth and read and share!). The Community Portal is going to be one of many community driving initiatives you’ll see in the near-ish future (a bit more information on that next week)

The Portal is not going to replace the Dev Center, which is where all of our canon documentation lives (and will continue to live). The Community Portal is going to be a place for the community share technical blog posts, projects, and information about events, etc.

We’re planning to publish content twice a week, and we’re hoping that a lot of that will come from community members like yourself! If you’re interested in writing for the community blog, or sharing a project, please email

We’ve been working on this for a working on this for a while, and we’re really excited to finally see it out the door. 

Oh right! It’s also worth mentioning that along with the Community Portal website, we’re going to have a once-monthly Community Roundup Newsletter with interesting projects and articles from the site. If you’re interested in signing up, there’s a little box on the homepage (or you can go here)

This is the “Developer Newsletter” email list that we had many moons ago, so if you signed up for that you’re already signed up for this :slight_smile:

Looks great, nice job!

Matt great to see this keep up the good work.