Need to integrate with the existing Board LPC2148

Hi All,

I am doing project on wireless sensor network. Was impressed by the electric Imp module. I need 2 of those for my project. The board which I’m using is LPC2148. Link to the board - . It has built in SDCARD reader. Could you please let me know which should I order just SDCARD electric imp or do I need the separate board with electric imp offered? Secondly I need that module to send the data from my processor to the internet and I will display values on the net, Is this a good if I use this?

Thank you.

You will need the extra board (April) to host the imp. Even though the imp has the SD card form factor, it is not an SD card. To connect the LPC2148 to the imp, you can use a serial port on your LPC2148 board. The serial data goes from the LP2148 to the Imp, and the code you write on the Imp will send this data to an Imp Agent. The Agent will send the values to whatever http service you want.

The Electric Imp card is packaged in what looks like an SD card format, but it is not compatible with anything SD except for the physical socket that you would put it in. You can connect the Electric Imp to the controller that you posted through a serial interface, but you will need to power the Imp with something like the April breakout board. Please also note that the Electric Imp already has many of the capabilities that the board that you referenced has. It isn’t just a WiFi addon, it is a full platform with its own processor and IO’s.