Need Nora REV 3 circuit schematic and reference source code

Hi guys,

The Electric Imp documentation pages for the “Nora” product only seem to reference the “REV 5” version of the design. I have recently (unwittingly) acquired a REV 3 unit and thus have a problem. I can find NO information about this on the net anywhere. Not even a single useful photograph of this device.

Imagine my facepalm. It would make Picard proud. It’s my own fault for not doing my research properly. Ho hum.

Does the El Imp team still have the old schematic and example source code to make this REV 3 board work? I’d be super grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

The date on my unit is “20131011”. I can provide a high res photo if it helps.

I’ll reverse engineer it if i really have to but I’d rather get the official info.

I’ve attached the 3.0 schematics here.

The main changes appear to be:

  • power gate for sensors that can’t run at <3v (you’ll need to enable before reading the ALS, barometer, temp/humidity)
  • some different parts (the ones mentioned above!)

Some sample code (with drivers for these parts) can be found here:

Excellent, thank you very much Hugo. That’s a big help.