Need guidance on a GET to an external REST endpoint

I need to have the imp periodically send a GET request to a weather API ( for those interested) to get some weather forecast data. This api has REST endpoints that accept url parameters. I have read the imp docs on the HTTP nodes but it’s not clear to me how I would format the string that I am outputting – I’m assuming there could be some tricky escaping and/or encoding… Following is a typical request.

Also, would the URL I put in the node be the base url (“”) or would it include the path and thus be “”? Ideally I would like to be able to parameterize the url so that my imp software could decide which zipcode is used or vary other aspects of the request.


This really needs agents I’m afraid. They’re in closed beta now… coming very soon. You can then do exactly what you want… one of our examples grabs forecasts from weather underground.