Need Blessing Device ASAP

We are in need of a Factory Fixture, Blessing Device, or whatever it is referred to now. I’m shocked that there isn’t an “off the shelf” version of a Factory Fixture that can simply be purchased and used with ones own Factory IMP. Why would we need to make our own device? Can anyone simply sell us a Blessing Device to get our factory firmware onto our devices, as our hardware developer seems to have failed us and dropped the ball on our Factory Fixture? Please contact me ASAP if possible.

You should email with commercial production related questions - the forums are generally for non-commercial support.

A minimal “blessing fixture” is an April, a button and an LED (so rather easy to knock one up yourself, which is what most of our customers do), but yes we are making a full blessing fixture for retail sale that includes a display, buttons, printer connector, pretty housing etc. Won’t be available for a couple of months though.