Need an easy way to do http POST?

It seems like this should be an easy problem to solve but there is clearly something I don’t understand. I have an imp which controls a relay using a version of the led demo. The only way I have found to send the http POST is from’s web site but I want some kind of web app with ON and OFF buttons. I’ve tried Dashcode and Javascript but the security features do not allow making requests cross domains. Every solution assumes the Javascript is running on a server but I don’t have a server. Electric Imp says you don’t need a server. So what do I do? All I want is an ON and OFF button I can access from my computer or iPhone. Thanks, Jay.

Jay do you have a PHP server?
If not save the code from pastebin to a .html file on pc/mac and run from file cross domain doesn’t apply!
I send the value 10 for ‘off’ & 11 ‘on’ etc but you can send a string to the imp.
Limited but it works just tested on my impee.

If you’ve got a PHP server then you need to set this header

<?php header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: ip address or domain of your server');?>

I don’t understand this stuff but this article helped

A few other options:

First is Restclient ( You can use it to easily send HTTP messages to any server. Just select POST as your method, copy the link from the planner, add “?value=XXX” and press enter.

Another good choice is to use W3 Schools editable pages. Go to, copy and past the code below, replace PASTE URL HERE with the link from the planner, click Edit and Click Me, and hit the different Submit buttons to post away.

You can connect a noodle to add the output of an HTTP in vimp to a Show Input vimp and see the resulting values.


Value: Points: Select color: On Off `

Hey- that html file works, all I had to change was the url and to send 0 or 1 on the green slider. pretty cool! I can see there is a lot in there for me to learn as I add features etc. Thanks.