MySQL agent?

Any plans for an direct MySQL agent? I need to load simple, flat, data to a database from the imp.

I would be happy to help with such an agent.

Are you using PHP by chance? Why not just have the imp post to a PHP script and that script does your database activities?

I was trying to avoid the overhead of going through the web server. I would like to go directly into the DB. I using Flask so I know I can go through the Flask-SQLAlchemy Extension.

If you’re a bit adventurous you could also log to a noSQL DB with RESTful API, like CouchDB. With the new agents it will be super simple to work against CouchDB. Just collect your data in a table, add an id to it and it to the DB URL. No schemas, no fuzz. No special SQL agents, no need for an own server. There are free services out there, like Iriscouch :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. I have decided that for my app I’m going to use Flask and a cheap host ( I have flask running in their shared env and as soon as I get it running with my temp logger I will post my experiences and code.

I need a back end that can scale to the 1000’s of users and imps. This allows me to start small but know that I have an infrastructure that I can move to production applications like MySql even if I start with SQLite/noSQL or whatnot. SQLAlchemy will abstract the database engine.

BTW, this is a great resource: as is the the flask project itself.

How about an S3 data store in Amazon AWS. It has a simple REST interface and is “infinitely” scalable. It is fairly cheap and robust. I have been using it for several years and only had 1 minor outage. ) [I don’t work for Amazon or know anyone that does, by the way.] They also offer MySQL like services with RDS, but S3 can store blobs, images, videos, etc.