My Imp is disconnecting

My Imp project for my garage door has been running for several months now without any problems.

Now, the last several days, it goes offline:
2014-07-17 19:09:11 UTC-5 [Status] Device disconnected; 0 bytes sent, 0 received, 0 total

It stays offline until I run it again from the IDE.
This has happened multiple times.

Why is this happening? What has changed?
I’ve done nothing with the hardware or software since March of this year.

Anyone else ever experience this?

It’s not actually disconnected if pressing “run” makes it run (as the connection has to be up for this to happen). This is a transient reconnect.

The imp doesn’t work, and the ide for that device says “offline”. It only begins working again if I click Make/Run in the ide. What is a transient reconnect?

It will work fine for another 12 hours now and quit again.

And the log says “device disconnected” … i guess i’m confused by that.

The issue is that the reconnection message is not shown - you just see “disconnected”. The imp has to be connected for the run button to work.

eg, if you had code that printed a message every few minutes, you would see these messages continuing even though there was a disconnected message - it’s not actually offline.

What bit isn’t working?

This all started a couple weeks ago with my Imp not opening or closing my garage door. It’s basically that same Garage Door script (Instructables), except I use a website instead of an iphone app.

I was getting this error: No HTTP Handler.

After I cycled power on Imp, or did “Make/Run” in the IDE, it works again. After a couple of days, it happened again. This has been ongoing for a couple weeks now.

Previously, since earlier this Spring, I never had this issue and nothing has changed with the hardware or software. I haven’t touched any hardware, website scripting, imp, or agent since March.

I’m not sure which part is bad … the imp, the agent, my webhost, my WiFi?

With my other Imp, I think I’ll program that with a very simple program and see if that Imp shows any of the same symptoms. I was suspecting a WiFi issue, but I’ve seen those before and it corrects by itself. It just gets hard to troubleshoot because the failure is intermittent and there are too many parts of this … not sure which one is the cause.

I’m sure I’ll find the cause of this after some experimentation. It’s only a garage door switch, so if all else fails, I’ll just rip it out.

Can you PM more details (times stuff wasn’t working would be great) and the device ID so we can look in the logs.

Last week during the maintenance period the HTTP input architecture was significantly improved; this should have fixed any lingering “no http handler” errors. The Erlang server, which development imps are on, does still have an issue where devices can show offline (even though they are actually online) but that shouldn’t cause any issues with HTTP input.

It hasn’t failed yet since my last post. I’m now wondering if it was related to the “maintenance period”. All is well now.

If the problem recurs, I’ll make a log of date/time and and get an accurate picture of what happens. I have a hunch it won’t happen again.

I am amazed at how the “Imp World” is evolving. Comparing the forum posts today and a year ago, the questions and comments are way more technical and the community is digging into complex projects. Everyone is pushing the Imp into new territory every day. Fascinating.