Mute and beep


in some wiki it says: “If your device is not muted, you will hear three beeps that signal a countdowns”, but we fail to find a buzzer on the PCB photos of imp? Is there an audible device on the imp? We just purchased 10 imps for starters, so we are curious about all features that are or are not present.

Ah, that wasn’t clear. The beeps during the Blink-up process come from the phone (or tablet), not the imp. They’re your warning to go and point the screen at your imp.

There’s no beeper, sounder, or indeed any moving part at all in the imp itself.


wiki has been edited to specify “mobile device” for clarification. Thanks.

I’ve never hard a beep or boop on my phone doing a Blink-up, and the sound is up.

It was only in the iOS version (and then only with your phone not on mute). Android version getting sound back soon, I believe.