Multichannel sampler?

Not sure whether this a query or feature request.

Just starting to play with the sampler - there doesn’t seem to have been much discussion around this yet. Wondered whether there’s a possibility of running this in a dual channel (ideally synchronous) mode?

Wouldn’t particularly mind if I had to accept a lower peak sample rate.


This counts as a feature request, I think: the hardware is capable of it (indeed, arbitrary channel counts up to all six, or all eight on IMP-002), but we haven’t exposed that feature to Squirrel yet. We did consider how to do it, but the initial demand for the sampler was all about single-channel use-cases.

It wouldn’t be absolutely simultaneous – there’s just one actual ADC block used, and it does each of the channels in turn each sample period – but it’d be synchronous in the sense that samples would always arrive in pairs (or sixes, or whatever).



Thanks. Shall I leave the request here or add a feature request post?


It’s on the list now…