Multi site Blink up

we are looking at a project that would require an Imp to move from site to site, and each site would have a public Wi-Fi hot spot, It would need the Imp to log-on at each location without having to perform a new blinkup (apart from the initial one) is this possible ?
This project is for a UK based Supermarket chain, any assistance from your Cambridge office would be appreciated (we are based very near Cambridge) to move this project forward.

You can use imp.scanwifinetworks and imp.setwificonfiguration to switch networks programmatically, but bear in mind that imps can’t connect to public wifis that use captive portals.

Send me a PM if you want to visit the Cambridge office some time.

Right now you can only store 1 set of WiFi credentials at a time (in other words, you can’t configure a device to connect to multiple WiFi hotspots using BlinkUp).

However - you can programatically set the WiFi credentials in Squirrel, which means that if you’re comfortable having WiFi networks’ SSIDs and Passwords in your code it is doable.

You’ll want to take a look at the imp.setwificonfiguration API. There’s also some forum posts (including this one) that go through how to setup a system similar to what you’re talking about :slight_smile: